Adams‘ - supra, maybe.
Some pics I promised, of the onevia(btw i know lights are ugly)
[Obrazek: 11090568974_dd3c21de44_c.jpg]

[Obrazek: 11090472715_2da06720b7_c.jpg]

Comment, rate, write your opinion, I want to hear what you think about my "goodies" xd
RPS13 should always have popup headlights, imo.
[Obrazek: 9457129623_7e7c247a34_o.png]
Oh man, what a shitty lights Face-Smile-Big.PNG Get them stock now! :P
Still waiting for the first snow >_>

[Obrazek: 11134134716_5a8511fd46_c.jpg]

[Obrazek: 11134279023_d419017e17_c.jpg]
Nice Face-Smirk.PNG
[Obrazek: 23671844231_7b9414abff.jpg]
Needs bigger wheels.
[Obrazek: 9457129623_7e7c247a34_o.png]
Dat holes around wheels :rolleyes:
I can't/I don't know way to make bigger wheels. Tire will be in ground then
Srry for double post. Camber, eh? :neutral:

[Obrazek: 11157482576_315349907d_c.jpg]
[Obrazek: 43470720.jpg]

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