Adams‘ - supra, maybe.
Hey folks.

Showing my latest work - RPS13. From before to after.
Just bought.
[Obrazek: 10332465184_53d4eede21_c.jpg]

[Obrazek: 10332487846_ee18944ae5_c.jpg]

Was riding on Takata's TE37 for some time.

[Obrazek: 10785047843_bf07a66597_c.jpg]

Later, repainted to matte dark grey.

[Obrazek: 10804052016_d42f179784_c.jpg]

Wheels resprayed to Fresh Mint.

[Obrazek: 10858793046_abf5ea2955_c.jpg]

Bought Technospeeds3.

[Obrazek: 10873526305_1d4972aa8e_c.jpg]

Resprayed lips, added led thingies inside kouki tails.

[Obrazek: 11026004386_3f1d4db4a1_c.jpg]

Resprayed whole wheels apart bolts, also new headlights.

[Obrazek: 11033517905_b70b942375_c.jpg]

Random interior pic. What's in it? Nardi Torino Deep Dish 350mm wheel, HKS gauges, S15 gauge, hydraulic pedals, handbrake button, re-moved ignition, some switches, Bride Low Max Blue+Takata seat belts, dildo shift knob.

[Obrazek: 11033660784_3854ff653e_c.jpg]

Resprayed wheel rotors, polished car.

[Obrazek: 11051400484_68f5aa73e9_c.jpg]

And, latest pic from today - resprayed wheels to grey, and polished them.

[Obrazek: 11053599534_e2a2ce2779_c.jpg]

So. Short story of my RPS, comment, rate, etc. Share your opinion. In english please. Face-Smile.PNG Thanks for your attention.
Nice : )
[Obrazek: 28575329142_75a70a1564.jpg]
Colored technospeeds was wrong way imo, but it's just awesome in actual setup Face-Smile.PNG
I love this Nardi Face-Smile-Big.PNG
Nice bro!
[Obrazek: 23671844231_7b9414abff.jpg]
Except interior, it looks pretty cool for me Face-Smirk.PNG
Thanks errybody! More opinions? Face-Smile-Big.PNG Adixpogo - too much colours? Face-Smile-Big.PNG
Nice to see you have developed a good taste in cars, Adams.. Face-Smirk.PNG

Only thing I would change so far is the color of the seats..
[Obrazek: 9457129623_7e7c247a34_o.png]
I like it, but you should to think about some stickers and camber Face-Smirk.PNG
[Obrazek: 32523080910_23f4b12010_z.jpg]
ViZon - Thanks! You mean, back to the roots?Face-Smile-Big.PNG
[Obrazek: 9970476975_ac10c21c54_c.jpg]

Misio - Thanks also! I already thought of everything xd it already got camber(I'm thinking about more in future) and stickers(pics of it - need more, huh) Face-Smile-Big.PNG
[Obrazek: 11071108936_8e5182e0a9_c.jpg]

And some older flying engine pic without some components Face-Smile-Big.PNG

[Obrazek: 11070985695_e4907aab7e_c.jpg]

Some my drift-friendly another rps pic (before > after)
From dis
[Obrazek: 9267535359_9f94e3a2c7_c.jpg]
and dis
[Obrazek: 9271294048_8141b8610b_c.jpg]
To dis :o
[Obrazek: 11071102114_f2d4b55082_c.jpg]

Some newer pics, but not so new as i posted yesterday Face-Smile-Big.PNG
[Obrazek: 11071107144_6400188ae6_c.jpg]

[Obrazek: 11071092164_49c7574202_c.jpg]

Aaaand, my PS Face-Smile-Big.PNG
[Obrazek: 11071147473_cfc9ca7d35_c.jpg]

Also, I'm hiding onevia, very similar to py PS. Maybe pics later. Comment, rate, share your opinions, everybodyFace-Smile.PNG
(11-26-2013, 19:13 PM)Adams napisał(a): ViZon - Thanks! You mean, back to the roots?Face-Smile-Big.PNG
[Obrazek: 9970476975_ac10c21c54_c.jpg]

Hmm, yea sumthin like that. Face-Smirk.PNG
[Obrazek: 9457129623_7e7c247a34_o.png]

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